Suzette Saved. Aneal Out. Emmett HOH (For Now?)

It was a busy night in the Big Brother Canada house and it all began with Tom sitting pretty, thinking his target would be evicted with a 10-0 vote. He obviously forgot to ‘Expect the Unexpected’ and Canada’s Power of Veto sure threw him for a loop.

Now, I’m not going to complain about Suzette’s angelic editing this week (only showing her one ‘redneck’ comment about Tom and tearful apology, not every other foul word against him) or the influence Canada has, when in Big Brother it’s usually only Production who interferes. So I’ll stick mostly to the facts.

Tom may be an asshole, but he was royally screwed over by Canada tonight. Which, apparently, was the goal. BRAVO CANADA! You succeeded in making Suzette feel loved and Tom feel fucked. Personally, I like Tom 10 times more than Suzette, whose falsely enthusiastic greetings, questions, exclamations and every single word grates on my eardrums through my headphones. Every. Time. She. Speaks.

Anywho, Canada used the Veto on her and she was all of a sudden safe. Toms face when it was announced was priceless, I’ll admit. I laughed so hard at it, it hurt. And it wasn’t a quick one; it was a lingering look of shock. I may watch it multiple times just for the sheer enjoyment.

Tom then had the burden of naming another nominee in five minutes or less – the fourth of the week. (Is that a record? It is for BBCAN) What we saw was him and Emmett having a lightning fast strategy session in the Storage Room. At first Tom wanted Andrew on the block against still-pawn AJ, and out. Emmett mumbled against it. Another few names were tossed out as hypotheticals, settling on Aneal. But who would they keep?

In the end, it was an 8 – 2 vote in AJ’s favor making Aneal the third person to be evicted form Big Brother Canada. The only votes to keep him were from Jillian and Liza; sympathy votes through and through.

Aneal was shocked. Heartbroken. Emotional. As any hard core Big Brother fan would be after being in the house and having it so swiftly ripped away. Being Double Backdoored is what he called it, and it is a quite fitting term.

HOH was next. A stunning display of cunning showing the best gameplay Big Brother has ever seen. [Sarcasm] The ‘Bees Knees’ involved balls of multiple colours, a Big Brother Flower garden, which supplied said balls, and of course the ridiculous oversized bumble bee costumes each player was forced into.

Naturally, there was a rule adding more absurdity – in this case, nobody was allowed to transfer any balls from their home ‘flower’ to their zig-zag ball stacking hive thingy with their hands. Only the net like pouches on their legs. The resulting stumbling, sprinting, and overall mayhem – including Andrew (I think) shaking the loving shit out of his hive when his balls got stuck – was hilarious.

Emmett ended up filling his hive with balls first (though he not only carried balls in his hands, I heard he may have stuffed a few in his bee suit, too), and was named HOH. Celebrations, congratulations and hugging all around. Emmett is happy, Jillian is happy, the ‘Quattro’ Alliance is happy. Cue one more week of Jillian and Emmett in the HOH making out and ‘just sleeping together’ (as long as she’s not on slop again).

Unless…… Big Brother will acknowledge Emmett’s cheating and make him face some consequences. ANY consequences. You made rules for a reason, I assume. Or not. Whatev.

BTW… He even bragged about cheating on the feeds after the fact.

There’s no way Big Brother didn’t see it.

After all – He’s Always Watching.

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