Sh!t Went Down. Gary is the new HOH. Emmett, a HN. What a Day…

Note from Jayde:

If you haven’t noticed, I blog like I talk. I ramble; I get distracted (but finish the thought, usually), am a bit random and may rant a little bit more than the average person. But as I just realized I could do that, I’m just going with the flow. It’s fun. I hope you enjoy the ride.

I have my own opinions, but I don’t mind if you don’t agree. We all love this crazy game called Big Brother and I plan to enjoy every moment of my countries first season with everybody. And I’m actually getting in to twitter. It’s awesome.


Let us begin….


Ladies and Gentlemen, hold on to your hats, ‘cause shit got real in the BB Canada house. Last night, Emmett fans were ecstatic at his win, but when fans, (Big Brother Canada Insider’s Brendan Cooney and his Mom) caught and tweeted (and retweeted) Emmet carrying at least one of his final balls in his hand, things escalated online quickly. After Emmet was caught yellow-ball handed, Twitter was set ablaze with #BBCAN, HOH and #EmmettCheated was trending in Canada.

Big Brother Canada soon sent out this short message:

Thanks to everyone for their comments about tonight’s HOH competition. We are looking in to this further and will have more information soon.”

Then in the morning – after Emmett got his HOH room, read his letter aloud (apparently, Mama Blois snuck in some game hints, and even said she loved Gary), drank his alcohol, ate some goodies and slept alone in the HOH bed – everything changed.

The Feeds were cut not soon after people were awake (I heard, specifically after Alec, thinking there were no repercussions of Emmett’s admitted cheating, said he would go in to every competition trying to find the most ways to cheat). BBC soon said the following:

“We know you are curious about last night’s HOH competition and we assure you that the situation is being addressed. Tune in to Slice this Sunday night at 9pm ET/PT to find out more!”


Things were uncertain with the fans after that came out, and some people (who shall not be named) ranted on twitter, some tried to stay positive (like me, I think?) while it was up in the air. It didn’t help that in the early afternoon, after many hours of SILENCE this is what Big Brother Canada had to say:


 There’s so much happening inside the Big Brother Canada house today that the live feeds will be down for the remainder of the day and Big Brother Canada After Dark will not air tonight at 2am ET but will return to its regular timeslot at 2am ET / 11pm PT on March 17. Tune in to this Sunday night’s episode at 9pm ET/PT on Slice to find out what went down.”


Translated: Feeds will be back later tonight or early tomorrow, but unfortunately, After Dark won’t be on tonight.

That may have gotten a bit exaggerated, some people thinking feeds would be down until after Sunday’s regular show, people cursing BBC, and a general ruckus. Luckily, I had my weekly BBChatter Talk Radio Show with Keith X (@BBChatter) – oops, I named him – and Finley (@Fnliii) to keep me distracted, and even though I tried to take the no-feed time to catch up on sleep, I couldn’t. Big Brother Sleep Deprivation at its best. Plus show nerves and excitement and trepidation about what was going on in the house.

Anyway, Keith, Finley and I are live on air, me spending my time as the lone Canadian (and girl) with two Americans – one Irate Big Brother MegaFan who is calling out Producers left and right and Finley, the more stable male SuperFan personality, who is awesome and likes Rush – defending Big Brother Canada and trying to get them to stay positive. The feeds could come back tonight, right? Right.

(We got  a record number of callers on the show for BBChatter during BBCAN. It was a blast.)

Turns out all the uproar WE AS FANS produced a Change in a Big Brother game.  As it is Big Brother Canada’s first season with a green production team and people unused to the long hours and everything that goes in to creating a show like Big Brother, some bumps in the road are to be expected. This was a biggie. And so was their response to the fans, in all honesty. Kudos to them for that.

Not catching Emmett cheating, however, when it was edited in to a NOT LIVE show and acting upon it before broadcast was a big ‘Oops’. Compounded with obviously not having enough eyes dedicated to enforcing rules in a competition like the ‘Bee’s Knees’, it was an easily avoidable mishap. For people who know better.

All in all, IMHO, Insight Productions and Slice has done a great job doing the show. The free feeds are amazing. The cast is Brilliant (kudos for hiring Robyn Kass, she’s awesome) and so far it’s been a great experience for the fans. They are learning and improving the qualitu of the game that they are producing. There will be stumbles along the way. Try to be gentle with the backlash, they at least deserve mostly polite. Please? (You know who you are. lol)

Getting back to the point of the return of the feeds, this is what went down while they were off. The basics, ‘cause I’m dead tired after the day, the show and starting this blog way too many hours ago (midnight). Gary and Topaz’s late night (6am BBC time) pizza party and game talk is keeping me alive… and the blinking curser. Every writers nemesis (when it’s going slow, anyway).

Emmett was stripped of his HOH for cheating, and had to sit out with Tom for the new HOH challenge. And the end result was the one person who is guaranteed to shake things up. The Fabulous Underdog himself…. Gary Glitter!!


Yes, Gary is HOH.

And all of the people who travelled (basketball term, did I use it right?) with pollen balls are Have-Nots. So, Emmett, Jillian, Talla and Alec (for the third straight week) are enjoying a week of slop because they cheated.

Gary played the open and honest route for the beginning of his new HOH, conducting ‘pre-drinks’ with all of his fellow housemates. Beginning in the corner of the Big Blue Couches which faced the Memory Wall Montage, it proved a little too much of a public space, though it was not on the DL at all, and he reluctantly took Peters advice to conduct the last half of his one on ones up in his HOH. That was after Emmetts name was thrown out in the many hypotheticals that were thrown out during the night and Emmett then walked up behind to say they people could hear every word. Hopefully they all will be on YouTube soon. If I knew how to do it, I would. I really should ask dad. Anyway. Watch them. They’re awesome. Great information digging by Gary with everyone. Watch or read all, or the ones you want, for sure.

He did start by saying he wouldn’t talk about what they spoke about, and hoped they would do the same. Everyone agreed to not talk about anything discussed. They all lied. It’s BB, what else would you expect?

Now I’m not going to rehash all of Gary’s conversations with everybody, I’m just getting to the important one. Sleeping Beauty, herself – Topaz.

Topaz and Gary are tight. I mean, they talk mad game together and hang out 90% of the time she’s awake and not attached to Alec. They stay up late together talking, though ‘late’ in the BBC house is admittedly, usually 2 am.

Contrary to popular belief, Topaz has some good game. She singlehandedly fed Tom a story that got him to use the POV on Gary and she has good social game with almost everybody. Proving that point, she was a busy little bee while Gary was conducting his audiences, playing the eyes and ears downstairs before and/or after everybody was Glitter Bombed – or feather bombed, as bright orange feathers decorate Gary’s HOH room – boa included.

Topaz spoke to every person that night, too. Gathering Intel, she reported back to Gary when everybody else was in bed. Closing up as I type this in the HOH bed together talking about Alec – apparently he slipped the L-Blomb on her very loudly – in public. 7am BBC time, they think it’s only 3:30.

Getting back to the end result, who the nominations will be – as of now.

Gary will nominate Liza and Tom, citing Liza’s making alliances and working the boys over – btw, a crew including Topaz, Alec, Emmett convinced Peter that Liza is totally playing and using him, and Peter took it hard. Saying something like he is used to being used in RL. So sad.

On a personal note I’ll say: as a very soon to be 26 year old woman, who kinda has a thing for nerds, since I am proudly one myself, Peter is attractive. Andrew, too. ::sigh::  Girls suck. I know, I am one. We hate each other for no explainable reason while we love and support one another, too. And for sure there are vicious, heartless succubi who treat men like shit and use and abuse the trust of males everywhere. They suck. Just like dudes that do the same. Incubi, if you will. Then there are assholes, bitches, crazies, and nice sane people like me. (I’m sarcastic, can you tell? I am a bit mad, but in a healthy – maybe – eccentric sense) Now less about me and more about game.

Liza will be hailed as the target, but to the joy of most watchers, not me particularly, because I like watching both playing the game, Tom is Gary’s ultimate target. As long as he and Topaz can get the votes to evict Tom… and Emmett has his back with it, Tom doesn’t get the Veto, etc. that is the plan. At the moment. Who knows what will happen.

So, I’m saying a Liza and Tom nomination, guaranteeing one of the two is on the block come (double) eviction day.

I have to sleep for a bit, and hopefully the last bit of Topaz/Gary conversation doesn’t get cut anymore because they’re talking about Alecs penis and the chance someone got a BJer.

Goodnight, all. Let me know what you think!

If anyone wants to write a blog, let me know!

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Thank you for reading, and Good night! Errrr… day. Heh.

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