I’m Baaaack! Emmett Won POV and… stuff.

So, I’m alive and lotsa’ shit went down when I was sick. From pedicures and flip-outs (and make-outs – spin the bottle, anyone?), to double evictions and blindsides. Both Tom and Liza are gone – partying it up in TO with Kat and Aneal, and I’m sure, getting tanned. Both I liked, and I’ll admit the house is more boring without them. Sadly, it all came down to playing too hard, too fast. Tom did tend to play emotionally, stuck on Sue since she nominated him night one, and Liza… She talked too much to too many people. It was inevitable that stories would be compared, and she would suffer for it.

Now, for this week – We all saw Alec give HOH to Andrew in the double eviction HOH, and it turned out to be a smart move for him. Not only did he win HOH the next day, but he also got 10K and a video message from his mom in the deal. Andrew however got royally fucked. No letter, no pictures, no perks whatsoever. Really, BBC?? He did the work, but got nothing for it. Not. Cool.

Now Alec went from being a Have-Not for three weeks (poor boy) to the penthouse suite and holding the power. It`s nice to see him not starve.  He nominated Suzette and the reliable pawn AJ. On the block together yet again, Suzette knew her days were numbered if she didn’t win POV.

Alas, Emmett was playing against her, so she had no chance. Winning yet another competition, Emmett won Veto and decided to not use it. No surprise there. He had planned to go off on Suzette during the ceremony, so we’ll have to see if he did or not on the episode Wednesday. I hope he did. I need a good laugh.

Alec`s showmance with Topaz seems to be on the rocks, too. Not only has she shown him a few sides of her personality he doesn’t like, she also got his iPod taken away from him for the week. You don`t mess with a man and his music. Of course, only hours after he complained about her, a tipsy Topaz went up to the HOH and they proceeded to hump until the feeds were shut off. Production are prudes. It`s not like they don`t know they`re on camera.

Also, AJ met Marsha this week, and was given the task of making a couple people do his homemade obstacle course. He succeeded, and the House received a pool party complete with barbeque and booze. It was appreciated as much by the feedsters as the houseguests, as we got to meet Drunk Andrew. He`s even more hilarious when inebriated. Add to that a drunken Talla and the feeds were golden.

When they were there, that is.

We don`t like the trigger-happy Skippy who blocks everything when it`s just getting good. The bikini clad wrestling match between Talla and Topaz, refereed by AJ, would have been a classic, but we only saw the beginning and then Talla being named the victor. I would have loved to see that go down, just for shits and giggles. But, no.

Anywho, I`m glad to feel alive again, and happy to be back. Let`s hope some shit goes down this week and we get some more drama. Without Tom and Liza there to stir the pot things are just too sane for my liking.

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