Gary Nominated Tom & Liza – Alec won POV

After a torturous 13+ hour feed block the feeds finally returned just after 10pm BBC time with lots being determined for the future of the game. Gary followed through with his plan to nominate the duo of Tom and Liza, with Liza being the cover of the ultimate eviction of Tom.

While the feeds were down they also played the much anticipated (read: inevitable) Canadian Curling Competition!!! ß (Imagine that in the resounding echoing voice in my head, stadium style) It was the much sought after Veto and Alec won the Power of the Weird-Looking Plastic V Thingy!! ß (That one, too)

The curling costumes were sparse (for the trim ladies, at least) and every houseguest had one. Rumor is they were all involved or even played, and the obvious ‘pairs’ were together. We all knew Gary, Liza and Tom would play; Liza fittingly chose Peter out of the magic bag, Jillian played (and is suspected of throwing the competition because of a bad throw of the stone) and Alec obviously played to win.

If you want to see all that went down on the feeds and some off, After Dark for last night started taping about half an hour before the feeds returned, so watch that. It opened with skin-to-skin contact of Peter and Liza. Just in case you were wondering.

What we didn’t see go down was Alec telling Tom he wasn’t willing to use the Veto on him. Tom, I’m sure, didn’t take it well; although he is still convinced the house will be keeping him over Liza come Thursday.

In Tom’s case it’s the classic Big Brother Ego Trip Smackdown. He was HOH just a few days ago, holding all the power in his hands (in his mind). Now, he’s on the block, and knows he still will be when the votes are cast. In fact, he’s convinced that the rest of the house would be stupid to keep Liza over him and didn’t have a problem saying so. He swore vengeance on Topaz and Gary, promising Liza they were his targets.

Emmett is on his shit list too, along with Alec, who knew he was going on the block beforehand and didn’t warn him. The fact that Peter wasn’t oblivious went right over his head.

Speaking of Emmett, here’s the skinny with him: After the feeds came back, we got a great conversation with him (eventually Jillian), Peter and Alec in the Motel. It basically boiled down to the Shield bringing Emmett around to dropping Tom. Brining the facts that he is a liability to his game by being an emotional player, how he’s been controlling Quattro’s decisions with his hot head, and Liza has been in-turn controlling him. Also, Tom being gone would take Emmett out of a powerful ‘Bromance’ that increased his threat quotient as he is so clearly paired with Jill, too.

Going along with this plan also cements his bond with Gary, who he is in yet another ‘Undercover Alliance’ with.

After that conversation, Peter and Alec dashed up to the HOH to talk with Gary and told him that Emmett was prepared to cut Tom loose, but not prepared to vote against him. Gary pouted for a minute, since he wanted a 10-0 vote, but quickly said “Will I get 9-1?” Thinking not, with Jillian, he said, “She better vote how I want, I told her she has to or I can’t trust her.”

He was quickly assured that she would account for Emmett’s vote, as they discussed with her and Emmett while downstairs.

The other big thing that went down was the formation of yet another alliance. This time it’s a combination of Teams ‘Secret Wedding’ (Gary/Topaz) and ‘The Shield’ (Peter/Alec). Topaz wasn’t there for the naming, but it was hilarious. Hopefully there’s a clip somewhere.

It’s called: “Fourgy” or “4G” Yes, as in Orgy.

Glitter, Glasses, Guy & Girl. I’m sure you can figure out who’s who. 😉

There was more Big Brother drama going down, of course. Talla was crying for a while, though she looks to be solid with Liza when nobody is watching, so she’ll have no problem voting Tom out. Andrew shouldn’t have any problems with it, either, as he is a helluva lot tighter with Liza than he is with Tom.

During the – what seems to be now – nightly debrief by the Newlyweds, Topaz admitted she is having doubts about Alecs game. They’ve been covering different people in the house, and she is finding ‘his people’ aren’t as pegged by him as he thinks they are. Now she has to go to work on Andrew and AJ, along with everybody else.

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