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Today, the pics and bio’s of Big Brother Canada’s cast came out, and we finally got to see who the guinea pigs will be. As we know, the cast is the most important part of the game and coming up with the right personalities is imperative. Here, we get a glimpse of the people we’ll be watching for the next 3 months. Let’s take a look…..

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Jillian MacLaughlin, 27


Teacher from New Glasgow, NS
Self-described as an unobservant, driven, hyper person, she plans to go in the game with no strategy, making friends and take things as they come. Out of a long-term relationship, she auditioned for BBC at the urging of her friends and family to shake up her life a bit.


Thomas Plant, 24

Bartender and Firefighter from Edmonton, AB (originally from Calgary)
He is a Big Brother fan who plans to hide the fact he’s a firefighter from the rest of the house, hoping that they won’t take him for as much of a threat in physical challenges if he’s just a bartender. He has no strategy and plans to ‘wing it’ one in the house.


Peter Brown, 26


Web Content Curator from Surrey, BC (originally from Millville, NB)

Self-described as ‘mean’, he plans to play nice in the house, as he thinks it’s the most duplicitous thing he can do. Planning on being as forthcoming as possible, he will make people think that he’s very honest, while lying to the face of anyone he doesn’t like.


Talla Rejaei, 26

Independent Living Support Worker and Social Work student from Edmonton, AB.

Knowing going in to the house with a strategy doesn’t usually work out; she plans to keep a low profile after admitting that she is loud and boisterous. Also, she plans to keep details of her personal life vague, already aware that in the BB house, you never know who you can trust.


Suzette Amaya, 36

Support Worker, Radio Producer and Host, Motivational Speaker from East Vancouver, BC.

A mom of three, she plans to play the Stay-at-Home Mom card, hiding her career and education to seem like less of a threat. As an Aboriginal, plus-sized woman and mother, she represents multiple sections of Canadian society. Her plan is to be the ultimate floater in the game, by stroking egos, manipulating and riding coattails until the end.


Danielle Alexander, 20

Student and Aspiring actress Calgary, AB (originally from Fort McMurray, AB)
Freely admitting that part of the reason she wanted to be on Big Brother is to further her acting career, she plans to form an alliance with people she ‘clicks with’ and not hang out with them so their closeness isn’t obvious. Growing up privileged, she is going to hide that her family is well-off. She also plans to be nice, but admits that she can be a bitch when she wants to be. Look out, DR!


Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon, 21

Communications Major from Richmond Hill, ON.
Having previously used the interactions in the Big Brother house as research for theories and concepts in school, he wants to use his time in the house as a basis for his undergraduate thesis, focusing on inter-cultural communication and the art of rhetoric. He plans to hide his education and history with the game and play the naïve young man card so he’s not viewed as a threat.
Emerald “Topaz” Brady, 27

Part-time dental hygienist and full-time student from Scarborough, ON.

As a big fan of Big Brother, she always wondered how she’s do in the house, and now she has the chance. Planning on going in and scouting out the competition before she decides on how she should act towards them, nice, or a total bitch. Not viewing herself as a big threat physically or mentally, she doesn’t plan on covering up any detail of her life.


Liza Stinton, 29

Tanning Salon Owner from Toronto, ON.

Self-described as Fabulous, confident, and sexy, awesome, amazing, loyal and supportive…. She is obviously the most humble houseguest there. ::rolls eyes:: Also, she’s never been better looking – seriously. Planning on hiding the fact that she owns her own business, she will tell them that she’s just a lowly tanning salon employee. After, hopefully, not being kicked out first, she plans on week 2 being Game ON! She says that she is going to listen more than she talks, but admits that will be the hardest thing for her to do.


Anuj ‘AJ’ Burman, 32

Director of Business Development from Scarborough, ON.

With a love for Big Brother, he point blank says he’s going to win. Planning on making friends with the other houseguests, he wants to get to know them personally. Saying he’s a talker, or an ‘undeveloped listener’, that may be hard for him to do. He also may skim a few years off his age, admitting that he’s recently lost weight and feels younger than he is. Also, it looks like he’s kinda obsessed with Saved by the Bell… Oh, boy.


Emmett Blois, 24

Dairy Farmer, from Gore, Hants County, NS

Not really a fan of Big Brother before he auditioned, his brother pushed him in to applying for the Canadian version. Saying he’s competitive, he’s never thrown a competition before, but acknowledges he may have to once in the house. Flirting with the girls is also on his to-do list, along with playing up the trustworthiness of Dairy Farmers everywhere. He also admits there’s not much he wouldn’t do for $100,000, including lying, and even getting in to the ring with Mike Tyson with his hands tied. Let’s hope, for his sake, that’s not on the list of competitions.


Kat Yee, 27


Bartender from Toronto, ON

Her gut told her to audition for Big Brother, and admits that she uses her gut-instincts in everyday life. Planning on hiding how athletic she is so she isn’t viewed as a physical threat, she’ll use the line, “I only work out because I love to eat”.  She hopes to lay low in the house as long as she can and act as a fly on the wall to benefit her game. She’s ‘not a bullshitter’, and will speak what’s on her mind, but in the BB house, that may get her in trouble.


Andrew Monaghan, 38

Insurance Sales Trainer from Halifax, NS (originally from Corner Brook, NL)
A true fan of the show, having watched both the US and German versions, he couldn’t resist the call of Big Brother Canada. His strategy is to not have a strategy, admitting that if he found the girl of his dreams in the house, he’d go for her and not the cash. He’s going to be himself and play a ‘good social game’ He may also turn the dial down on his age, skimming a few years off the top. Vowing to keep his privates hidden during the season, because he’s a respectable man, it’ll be fun to see him adapt to being filmed 24/7.


Alec Beall, 26

Social Psychological Research/Doctoral Student from Vancouver, BC
Inspired into his profession of from watching Dr Will play everybody on Big Brother 2, he loves getting in to everybody’s mind, and will certainly work every angle he can that way. He wants to fly under the radar, but admits his personality just isn’t like that. He plans on finding one person to be totally loyal to, a ‘dumb’ person in the house because – according to him – creative and intelligent can’t be trusted.


And last, but not least…..

Gary Levy, 21

Bartender, Artist and Fashion Stylist Assistant from Toronto, ON.

Apparently he lives his life every day like he’s on camera, so Big Brother Canada is a natural fit for him. Being a Fabulous gay man, he is going to be friendly and social with everybody to get information, and then decide how to use said information. He plans to hide his athleticism from the house in the beginning so not to show himself as a physical threat.


All in all, the cast looks good, but once they are in the house we will certainly see true colours come out. We don’t really get to see their personalities until we can see for ourselves how they act, both alone and with the other house guests. I’m sure we’re in for a few surprises, as are they and it’ll be interesting to see how they react to the inevitable twists and turns in the Big Brother game.

So, raise your glass with me and let’s drink to a fuckawesome first season of Big Brother Canada!



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