BBCanada – Coming Together, Coming Soon

With Big Brother Canada just around the corner things are starting to come together, like this site.

Slice has announced there will be FREE 24/7 FEEDS starting after the February 27th premier, 15 house guests and a great Canadian-ized season of Big Brother. I, personally expect to see lots of red & white, maple leafs, hockey and probably some sticky maple syrup.

We have a host, Arisa Cox, known for such things as E!News Canada, the CBC News Network, the film Camp Rock 2 and even has experience as a year-long live-in house guest on the early BB-ish Canadian reality show, The Lofters. With her television experience, she’ll no doubt be a great host and says that she will also be an avid fan during the season, magnified by her past reality show involvement.

“I feel like I’m bringing something else to the table. It’s not just, ‘Oh wow, I’m not like you. I would never go on a show like this’,” says Cox. “I’ve been on a show like that; I’ve been those people trying to survive a really surreal place. So, I feel like I’m one of them, even though I’m not.”

Cox also hinted that she already knew who the house guests are going to be, so maybe there will be a cast reveal in the near future. Follow the announcements here, and talk about your thoughts with other fans on our Chat Board.

I, for one, can’t wait to see who the guinea pigs will be in this highly anticipated first season of Canada’s OWN Big Brother.

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