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Jillian WINS! Gary… Almost Wins! Topaz… EPIC FAIL!

Well, it was the most dramatic finale of Big Brother I can remember, all topped off by a mis-vote and the most gracious non-winner EVER. Gary choosing Jillian over Emmett to go in to the final 2 with was a shock enough, even for him, I think. It would have been a good move, if an overly-enthusiastic and ‘blinded by the lights’ Topaz had voted properly. He took it all in stride, and when Jill tried to argue that Gary deserved the win as Arissa was congratulating her, I am told he just shook his head and told her to enjoy the moment.

I’ve been hearing a lot of speculation that Topaz’s vote was deliberate and really, I don’t know, or care. But as someone who has been raised in a family of media, I can tell you Gary’s non-win could be a good thing. There’s nothing the public like more than an underdog -and he’s the underdog who was just backed over by a bus.

Now Topaz hasn’t surfaced on social media yet, and if she just genuinely needs time to prepare herself, good for her, however if she’s hiding, I’ll just say this to her and everyone who wants to poke her with something sharp and glittery: SHIT HAPPENS.

Deal with the Humps. Embrace the Jumps, and get on with what’s important. Living Life. [thank you Jason Mraz for the first part of that sentence]

Now to both Topaz and Gary (and Kat, Liza, AJ, Aneal anyone in the Toronto area), I love you all and wanna hang out sometime. As I’ve been saying all season… I wanna get drunk with Gary! It would be sosososo fun.

Anywho, my plan now is to do an entire season rewatch (when I have time) and write about what happened and why, I’m hoping to get a few houseguest reactions to the episodes, too. ::crosses fingers:: If not, oh well.

You’ll see me around twitter, I’m now @JKIronSTARtv branding myself and my fledgling production company (hence the time shortage). I’d love to hear from you, about anything and everything.

To the fans, and yes, even production: Thanks for the awesome first season of Big Brother Canada I can’t wait until season 2!

-Jayde K Ironside